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Safe Space Comedy Troupe will join President Donald Trump and a handful of patriotic new media mavericks on the front lines of the information war. Unlike most conservative personalities, Parker & the TrumpGuy will be fearless in their attempt to push the envelope as they have the luxury of operating under the cover of comedy. It is was Mark Twain, the iconic American humorist, who once said, “…against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand,” which is why the credo that shall guide Safe Space Comedy Troupe is to “fight tyranny with comedy,” rather than to foster it, as much of today’s comedy sadly does. The more the Fake News, the corporate elite, and the progressive agenda are exposed, the more conservatism continues to rise as the new counterculture. At the end of day, comedy is serious business – so we challenge you to help us save America, one joke at a time. Let’s make comedy great again!


TrumpGuy / Dustin Gold

Comedian, writer, and producer Dustin Gold, named "the Don King of the political-impersonation business" by The New Yorker, brings his unique brand of fun-fair-balanced comedy, up-to-the-minute political humor, audience-specific custom-written material, and razor-sharp improvisational audience interaction to his larger-than-life comedic Donald Trump impersonation which he has performed at the MAGA3x Inaugural DeploraBall, the GaysForTrump Inaugural DeploraBall, the March4Trump, and for AT&T, McVean Trading & Investments, Elite Homes Builders, Fleet Street, and many more. Over the past few years, Dustin has developed, managed, and/or represented dozens of comedic political impersonators, comedians, and voice actors. Dustin co-starred in Showtime's hit documentary "Bronx Obama," has been featured by countless media outlets including ABC’s "Good Morning America," InfoWars, and Right Side Media Broadcasting, and has produced and performed live comedic political entertainment for numerous global brands including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, AOL, Johnson & Johnson, Virgin America, Unilever, and the USO.


Parker / Olson Parker

Born in Washington D.C., and raised by conservative wolves in Nashville, Tennessee, Olson “Parker” Parker, has over ten years of stage experience -- most of it in smoke-filled bars in the south ensures that Parker probably suffers from second-hand racism. Uber driver by day and joke teller by night, Parker offers an interesting look into humanity from the comforts of his own car. Tackling life in the big city with six kids in tow, Parker is sure to make you wonder where humanity is headed.



MAR 4     SAT     March4Trump w/ Joy Villa     Washington, DC

MAR 20     MON     Trump Rally   Louisville, MY

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Agency: Safe Space Media Group
Contact Agent: David Gibson


Producer: William Gold Entertainment, LLC
Contact Manager: Dustin Gold
Phone: 1-(323)-570-1590

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Safe Space Comedy Troupe is available for a range of entertainmentmarketing, and digital media services including, but not limited to corporate eventsnational sales meetingsassociation gatheringscharity ballspolitical fundraiserscollege performancesevent emcee dutiestrade showsmeet & greetsprivate partiesticketed venuesnightclub appearancescomedy club feature and headlinerpromotionsribbon cuttingspublicity stuntsproduct endorsementsphoto shootscustom videoslive video and phone conferencingcommercialsvoice overs, and theater, as well as televisionfilmradioweb, and new media projects.

A Few Reviews

"He knew his audience and pulled no punches. Close enough to be believable, yet far off enough to make Trump a hysterical caricature. Hilarious jokes that poked fun at all of us - including Trump - and dirty enough to prove that real comedy is coming back. If you have a sense of genuine humor and can laugh at yourself without getting offended, Dustin Gold's "TrumpGuy" is the stand up we've been waiting for. If Andy Kaufman, Richard Pryor, and George Carlin had a comedy love child, this would be it. Special snowflakes stay at home for this one: trigger warning! Everyone else will be glad they didn't miss him!"
- Phillip Wiglesworth, Inaugural DeploraBall sponsored by Gays For Trump

"Dustin did an awesome job. I contacted him only a few hours before we needed a performer. He got the contract over immediately, jumped in his car and drove 2 hours, we talked and he wrote custom material on the way! He was a huge hit, he handled a few hecklers with flair, and set all to ease-with laughter. He made sure to deliver all the personalized jokes in terrific Trump-character. It was just what the company needed for the party, he stayed late and impressed everyone. An absolute Yuge-hit. 6 stars if it were possible."
- John Hasse, McVean Trading & Investments, LLC

"Our Donald Trump impersonator exceeded my expectations. The time and effort that Dustin invested to make sure our event was successful was impressive and very much appreciated. All of our guests were thoroughly entertained and it was the highlight of the evening. His routine, mannerisms, delivery were perfect. I highly recommend him. Several of our guests indicated to me they are interested in using him at one of their events."
- Joe Pusateri, Elite Homes, Inc.

A SMALL SELECTION OF Recent CLIENTS, Media, and Partners

Safe Space Comedy Tour producer and manager, William Gold Entertainment, LLC (WGe), has produced politically-themed entertainment around the world for, and has provided a diverse roster of politically-driven talent to, an array of high-profile clients, including countless global brands, ranging from Microsoft to LinkedIn, and major media productions, ranging from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher to FOX News Channel's Huckabee with Governor Mike Huckabee.